The Night Organ

by Owen Lennon

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Look out your window tonight.


released June 22, 2014

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Owen Lennon Ithaca, New York

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Track Name: Blue Moon
There's a word I like to use
For the place that I step into
Like a window into space
This door that I can walk through
Everyone is sitting in their graves
But I have yet to go and dig one
Someday I'll drown in the rain
But tonight we salute the sun

I am in my room
I'm looking out the window at the blue moon
Oh, the night sky fills my head
I dream of cities painted violet
I am looking at the face
Smiling at the world
I crack one too, ooh, aah

People from the outside saw something in the woods
The park service called the cops and shut down all the roads
Everybody watched from the top of the hill
They said that there was nothing wrong, but they couldn't keep us still
All the people gathered and jumped over the fence
Nothing could prepare them for what happened next

Oh, I've managed to not know why they ate from my eye
The fountain of youth has been above us all this time
Oh, there is nothing wrong with me, now I see
I've served my time, now I'm free
Track Name: Pendulum
Oh, the time has come
The greater one looks down and says
"It's not a problem, can't you see?"
Every single rock and tree
It's all one being, after all
Theres no need for a curtain call
All you need is a place to get away
An area where you can stay, where you can stay

Oh, I'm speechless now
It's all been said several times before
The sun is gone, walked out the door
Theres nothing here to see anymore
So take the future in your hands
Wipe the dust off the ceiling fan
Turn your head and look away
From the empty sky thats turning gray
And don't forget

When you're alone, nothing but bones
Call me on the phone while the buildings go
And the clock hands spin till they wear away
And the pendulum breaks under it's own weight
Say all the things that you keep inside
Keep your mind in line, see what you find
If you see, if you understand
I'll write a note, place it in your hand
Reality is crumbling beneath my feet, can you help me see
And something is calling me
Don't know who I am, don't know where I'll be
Track Name: Permanent Relocation
Permanent relocation out of the thick of it
I'm sick of it, I'm sick of it, I'm sick of it, I'm sick of it
Everyone here thinks they know what's up but,
They don't know what's up
Everyone can hear the trumpets blowing
But their hands are covering their ears
They can go make angels in the snow
They haven't seen what I've seen
They'll reap what they sow

Permanent relocation into the oasis
I'm climbing over bodies, I'm stepping on faces
And every door that stands in my way
Is ripped off it's hinges and thrown away
And they'll be the ones losing their minds
When their heads are crushed by the boots of time
And every single thing that I said
Is coming true, I was thinking ahead

I was thinking ahead
I was thinking ahead
Track Name: The Eclipse
All the deer on the lawn are staring at the moon
They'll be going off to gather ing the meadow soon
Something is going in in the sky tonight
The tidal waves off the shore are coming into sight
Maybe it's a blessing, handed down from God
Maybe it's a hidden beast lurking in the fog
Maybe it's an echo, an ancient memory
Maybe it's human arms reaching out to me

Now I know, It's not what it seems
Inconspicuously hovering over the trees
I don't know if it's right or wrong
It's just something for which I long

Underneath the open sky, the earth is getting bright
Down from the heavens come brilliant beams of light
All the clouds have parted ways, fading into rain
The moon looks like a drop of blood, I'm writhing in the pain

I breach the solid ground, fall into empty caverns
Nothing left unbroken now, the shell of the world has shattered
Everyone has become something larger than themselves
Nothing wrong with cutting off contact with the blows unfelt
One more time, the moon will shine, don't let it get away
Stopping here was a mistake, now April turns to May
Nothing is alright, Nothing is alright, Nothing is alright
Look out your window tonight
Nothing is alright, Nothing is alright, Nothing is alright
Look out your window tonight
Nothing is alright, Nothing is alright, Nothing is alright
Look out your window tonight