Spider Music

by Owen Lennon

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The spiders crawl out of the walls now.


released December 1, 2013

All content created by Owen Lennon except:
Sample on track 6 from "Don't Cry Out Loud" by Melissa Manchester.



all rights reserved


Owen Lennon Ithaca, New York

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Track Name: An Event Occurred
An event occurred the other day
I'm in the dark about the details, frankly
In fact I've not been told
What really went down then at all
It's almost like watching
Television with the sound turned way down
Can you see me? Can I see you?
Or is this an illusion?
While you're acting, I'm relaxing
And the spiders crawl out of the wall now
They whisper in my ear
"Do you know what you're doing here?"

Something happened, oh no
Something happened, I don't know
Something happened, oh no
What happened, I don't know

An event occurred with my back turned
The voices around me can't be heard
I've tried to pick them up
But the radio receivers a piece of junk
It's almost like walking
Through a meeting of some committee
Do you know me, really know me?
Or am I a door with no key
While I sit there, I'm thinking
I don't know how they make it
I whisper to the air
"Why can't I seem to care?"
Track Name: Arachnodactyly
Something like a ring just hit your tooth
Someone like a friend just told the truth
Something like an animal raised the roof
The fingers so long, yeah the fingers so long
Try and sing along, try and sing along

Hit rock bottom, go to sleep, open your eyes, it's almost three
Making sense is not for me
Waiting so wrong, you waited so long
Just to say you were right and

Run through the rain, chasing the wind
Something strange in the kitchen sink
Tell me how, what do you think
They're coming around, they're coming around
Just wait for the perfect moment

Dance in the park with the sun in the trees
They lied when they said they cared for me
Standing up with an eye on the scene
Turning around, I'm turning around
To gaze upon the final sequence

Maybe I'm wrong, Maybe you're gone
Maybe all the curtains are drawn
The line I'm in is far too long.
The name of the place you went on the weekend
Shorter than the same place last time we went

Now the seasons here again
Try and think of last time when
I looked around and felt like them
The fingers are gone, yeah the fingers are gone
Cut off by the knife of time

Arachnodactyly, arachnodactyly
Arachnodactyly, arachnodactyly
Arachnodactyly, arachno-
Track Name: Run For The Hills
I've always been told not everyone will last
Now I think I know what they meant when they said that
I don't know what it means to pass
And I don't think that I'll ever have the chance
Everybody looks like they haven't slept in weeks
And the sun comes out glistening, and everybody flees

Don't dare to say another word
Don't care about the bitter biting cold

Looking around at what used to be a town
Cans and broken wicker baskets litter the ground
I hope that they come back someday, but I don't have faith they will.
After that they've probably gone and run for the hills
Track Name: Beachball Eyesocket
Can't you see them out there in the open?
Watching the earth move and breath
Our there in the field of roses
Making noise and scurrying up trees

Take another chance and
Take another glance and
Tell me whats going on right now
Why do they whisper?
Why do they cluster?
Are they taking shots at me right now?

Isn't he funny in his raincoat
Beachball in place of his eye
No one around here really likes him
But he lacks the ability to cry

Why aren't you listening?
The children turn and spit at him
Whenever they happen to talk by
One day he'll show them
One day they'll know him
As the kid who freaked out and killed a guy
(What was wrong with his eye?)
Track Name: Laundry Day
It's laundry day and I'm ready to go, turn the streetlamps on
Cars float through the fog like missing pets
Turn off all things that make noise and stay indoors
The machines haven't started yet
Laundry rooms are caves lit with lightbulbs above
That flicker when the beast takes a breath
The sidewalks and bushes here vanish from view
As the fog pours out from the vent

We'll keep warm
Just stay put
No one says a word
Just stay out of the cold

The voices aren't loud enough to make out
But the tone makes the meaning clear
We'll have to escape, leave this house, leave this town
Leave everything that we hold dear
Running through clouds while the streetlamps die
And a roaring fills the air
Something here went very wrong
Throw your hands up and pray to your god
Track Name: A Disappearance
He disappeared some time in the morning and
He never came back again
And when I hear the sound of bells, I look around to no avail and
I wish I had just shut the door, I wish I'd locked it tight
Never to be opened to let the light in
Never to be opened ever again
I miss everything about my life that slipped way that fateful day
The comfort that he brought, every time I didn't feel too great
Everyone says I should just close my eyes
Forget what happened in the past
But when I tried to do that, I found that I just fall flat

Moving around, can't stay in one place long,
The world is nothing but an empty skull
And the trash bags that blow in the wind
Are causing my patience to run thin now
And when he went away, I found that I couldn't stay
In this house any more.
The memories were nestled in my conscious self
I didn't realize until too late, my fate was balanced on two ears
And when the warmth was gone,
The reactor of my body ran out of fuel rods
And now I'm beginning to believe that the path from here is clear
And that know what I should do, I should do i

Now I walk, pretending that I'm a house cat
Searching for a place to stop and look and lie down
I should keep moving but I don't know how
Though my actions and my prayers
I think I feel weight starting to lighten off my back
It'll take some time but I'm making progress
By now I've been gone long enough so they've given up
Looking to see if I'm hiding underneath the couch
Although I won't be back again, you can mark my words down
I'll be waiting at the door you, can trust that I'll always be around