by Owen Lennon

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What does grinning mean to you?


released September 9, 2013

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Owen Lennon Ithaca, New York

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Track Name: Maps And Clocks
Lighthouse, falling into the sea
Boats, delicate cups of tea
Float, into the murky blue
Foghorn, singing a different tune
I wait for the clouds to part
Examine a nautical chart
I see the road ahead
Can't make out what it says

Maps bring people to places and things
Clocks tell time and ring
Compasses bring us home
Skies cover the earth we roam
As the sun sets on this town
We have a look around
If the world stays in it's place
We'll come back another day
Track Name: Song About Something
Okay, heh

The trucks have been here all along
But the cargo is gone
Birds leave cages all alone
No one to see them leave their homes

Try as you might, you can't find out
How the rain falls from the cloud

Everyone here is dead
Track Name: Every Day Is A Sinking Ship
The way time passes is a mystery to me
I lost yesterday, and I found it today
The crystal shards of the moon
Are found underground in the room
Open your eyes and feel the sun, that what they said
You will never find the friends you made until you're dead
The way you saw the world has changed, you're not the same
Spin around until you're dizzy, fall flat on your face

Now the stars are out
The bugs in the air dance around
The earth is calm and serene
The lights in the distance fit the scene

You turn around and walk a different way
I'm hoping you will survive this decade
Whatever you do, don't forget your name
Numbers and colors all, all the same
Wake up and feel the cat jump from the bed
Stand up and watch the sink run red
Turn around and walk through the bathroom door
See death standing in the hall